Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mischief in Wonderland

First Alice strangely appearing out of thin air, and now this unsavory scandal! So many strange and unusual stories are bound to unfurl. Curious and curiouser.

There is mischief abound in Wonderland. Someone has stolen the Queen of Heart's famous cherry tarts! She worked very hard making them and even created charming little directions for us to follow to replicate them. So kind of her! Learn how to make them here:

But someone was too greedy for their own good and snatched the Queen's tarts for their own! Help find the Queen's tarts and the culprit behind it!

The only piece of evidence we have collected is from an unknown person or creature who left this crumpled up piece of note paper in our mailbox:

Perhaps if someone solves this riddle, we may catch a scent of the trail to help us solve the cherry tart mystery.

I guess you could always try your luck! (Fill in your name to start the quiz)